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BioBlitz on TVNZ’s Good Morning Programme

Want a taste of what’s happening at BioBlitz 2012?  Take a look at TVNZ’s Good Morning Programme on Creepy Crawlies.

Peter Buchanan and Grace Hall talk to Jeanette, while young Charlotte and Fraser have a live stick insect and a live weta on their faces throughout the interview … and they manage not to sneeze or giggle despite all the insect tickles!


Weeds, pests & diseases – unwanted species!

Biosecurity is all about protecting New Zealand from unwanted species by preventing undesirables from entering the country, managing or eliminating those that have established in the wild, and reducing the nasty impacts of unwanted species on our environment, economy and human health.

During BioBlitz, we record all the weeds and pests that we find.  Many of these are already known to live in the urban park area that we’re searching, but we often find a few surprises as well.

What is biodiversity? Why is it important?









You can find these posters on the web at

More free posters!

Have you ever wondered how many different sorts of biologists there are?  We have a poster listing lots of different flavoured ‘ologists’ … the types of scientists you might meet at BioBlitz.

We’ve also made another poster explaining how scientists find things, and then a couple more posters covering the taxonomy of life, which is about how scientists classify organisms (including human beings)!

If you want print quality versions of these posters, go to

Free posters!

We’ve made lots of bright, fun posters about  fungi, insects, spiders, centipedes and millipedes. These posters are free to download from


bioblitz_poster_2012 A4

BioBlitz 2012

It’s fascinating, fun, free, family-friendly event.


Friday 30th March 9 am – 11 pm

Saturday 31st March 7 am – 5 pm.


Auckland Botanic Gardens, Manurewa. The search area will include the adjoining Totara Park.

You can reach the BioBlitz base camp in two ways: 1) park down by the Botanic Gardens visitor centre and walk across (follow the signs), or 2) park on Everglade Drive via Manakau / Redoubt Road motorway off-ramp, and walk in through the northern entrance to the Gardens (this is closest but the gate will be closed to cars).

Who can come?

All welcome! However, please keep the following in mind:

  • ‘Walk & talk’: If you intend going on a ‘walk & talk’ with a scientist, please wear sensible shoes and clothes.
  • After dark: If you are coming on one of the ‘after dark’ excursions, please wear sensible warm clothes and bring a torch (families should bring several torches if possible).
  • Specialist scientific equipment is loaned especially for the event. This equipment is very expensive and should be treated with care and respect at all times.
  • Young children should be supervised by an adult but free to have some fun.
  • Dogs should be on leads and supervised by an adult.
  • The Botanic Gardens and all that lives there must be treated with care and consideration.


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