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BioBlitz on TVNZ’s Good Morning Programme

Want a taste of what’s happening at BioBlitz 2012?  Take a look at TVNZ’s Good Morning Programme on Creepy Crawlies.

Peter Buchanan and Grace Hall talk to Jeanette, while young Charlotte and Fraser have a live stick insect and a live weta on their faces throughout the interview … and they manage not to sneeze or giggle despite all the insect tickles!


BioBlitz 2010 is on this weekend in Auckland


BioBlitz - finding nature in the city

Date:   17th – 18th April

Times:  Saturday 10 am – midnight;   Sunday 5 am – 3 pm

BioBlitz 2010 will be in the Auckland Domain with ‘base camp’ in the Atrium of the Auckland Museum and a marquee immediately outside. 

The Atrium will stay open late and open again early in the morning … especially for BioBlitz.   WooHooo!  It’s going to be fun for EVERYONE!!

Official opening with Hon Dr Wayne Mapp is at 10am on Saturday in the Atrium.

BioBlitz 2010 — finding nature in the city — celebrating the biodiversity in a healthy urban park for International Year of Biodiversity.  

Teams of scientists will be combing the Auckland Domain for 24 hours to count everything that grows crawls, hides, lurks, hops, flies or swims!  The goal is find as many species as possible and engage the public in the process.   We expect to find more than 1500 species, some desirable and some less so but with plenty of surprises either way.

 “Base camp” will be in the Museum Atrium, open until midnight.  Base camp is the hub of activity where identifications are made, species tallied, and public get to look down microscopes, chat with scientists, and ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over the beautiful, the curious and the downright thrillingly ugly.


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